I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas

and is the second child of seven kids. Mom passed in 1960 and Dad in 1963.We have always called ourselves, "The Magnificient Seven," because we lost both of our parents early and the three girls didn't end up in the streets and the four boys didn't end up in jail because of our upbringing. They prepared us incase they went early. We alll thank God for parents who talked to us and not at us. I'm divorced with five children, eleven grands and thirteen great-grands children. I was very bashful as a child.

I have been writing since elementary school so I figured it was time to share what God had given me with your all. Previously I published four books and I just released three since March 30, 2019. The Bookstore is open so you all can get a "New Type" of clean reading material. That other stuff is dead. Everybody writes the same old stuff. You can REFRESH your minds with BOOKS DELIGHT! Thank you!

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