It's a beautiful love story of Beverly and Jonathan who met while in high school. They had most of their classes

together. Beverly's father does not want her to see Jonathan because he believes that Jonathan is not the right person for her. 

Beverly asked her father if she could invite Jonathan for dinner so he and her mother could get to know him but her father said, "no." Jonathan did not attend church because he worked Sunday's to help out with his twin sisters.  

After graduation, Jonathan and Beverly lost contact. He went to Dallas, Texas and becomes a Preacher.

Years later, after Beverly had graduated college and started her own business, her father realized that she was still in love with Jonathan. So he started out to find Jonathan without Beverly's knowledge.

It's a lot of surprises in this story. It touches the heart. Also, a clean story without a high sexual overtone. It'a good reading for Christians and Non-Christians.

Love Has No Color

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Thoughs Of Mine



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