This story is about two couples who decided to spend the day on their boat relaxing. Before they left home, it was on the news that there had been a report of pirates on the high seas. David, Pamela, Thomas, and Mildred had no idea that they were going to end up in deep waters. They had planned not to go too far out and just enjoy the sun and water as usual. Thomas and Mildred Johnson had gotten back from their vacation two days before. David and Pamela Bryant were waiting to hear all the exciting things that the Johnsons did while on vacation. The Bryants owned the boat. Neither one of them ever expected to encounter the experience of being captured by pirates. This story is going to have some interesting challenges in it. It will make you see how God works miracles in our lives every day and how he gets us out of life-threatening situations in ways we less expect. There is some humor also. Read on and enjoy!

The Pirates Who Found Jesus

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